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Top 25 companies selling computer / laptop cooling

I provide you with a list of some well-known companies in the computer cooling industry. Keep in mind that the market can change, and new companies may have emerged since my last update. Here are some notable companies:

  1. Noctua
  2. Corsair
  3. Cooler Master
  4. Arctic
  5. NZXT
  6. Thermaltake
  7. Be Quiet!
  8. Deepcool
  9. Scythe
  10. Enermax
  11. Fractal Design
  12. Silverstone
  13. Phanteks
  14. Antec
  15. Cryorig
  16. Akasa
  17. Prolimatech
  18. Raijintek
  19. Zalman
  20. ID-Cooling
  21. InWin
  22. Lian Li
  23. Dynatron
  24. Rosewill
  25. Gelid Solutions

It’s essential to research and check for the latest products and reviews to find the best cooling solutions for your specific needs. Additionally, new companies may have entered the market, and existing companies may have introduced new products since my last search.