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What are the computer fan sizes for computer case?

Desktop computer cases can accommodate various fan sizes, and the specific sizes can depend on the case design and manufacturer. However, some common fan sizes for desktop cases include:

  1. 120mm: This is one of the most common sizes and is widely used for fan size. Many cases come with 120mm fan mounts.
  2. 140mm: Larger than the 120mm fans, these are also quite popular and are often used for both case ventilation and cooling solutions.
  3. 80mm: Smaller cases or certain specific locations within a case may use 80mm fans.
  4. 200mm: Some cases have larger fan mounts to accommodate 200mm fans, which can move a substantial amount of air with lower RPM, resulting in quieter operation.

It’s important to check your specific case’s documentation or specifications to determine the fan sizes it supports. Additionally, some cases may have various mounting locations for different fan sizes, providing flexibility for users to choose the fans that best suit their needs. Always consider factors such as airflow requirements, noise levels, and the layout of your components when selecting and installing fans.